“If I have an empty dance floor, I’m not doing my job,”
– Woody



A charter member of the who's who of DJ's in the international dance Mecca that the Los Angeles club scene is, Jesse Alexander better known as DJ Woody arrives on the stage with his amazing DJ sets, floor filling dance anthems and sharp mixing abilities.

Woody, quite simply is a crowd magnet. He feels the energy of the crowds and likewise Woody potently fuels that energy with his own. "If I have an empty dance floor, I'm not doing my job," says Woody, who credits this mentality and his flawless mixing as the reason that he has been so well received and sought after throughout the club and dance community.

From his humble beginnings in the early "raving days" in 1992, to the now sophisticated club scene, Woody's DJ'ing success has taken him to many cities, events and to venues that most DJs only dream of. Woody has performed alongside artists such as Pitbull, Belanova, Judge Jules, Jorge Gamboa, Rachael Starr and Junior Salazar among others.
Woody has also played at some of the world's most renowned mega clubs including Avalon, Vanguard and Spundae in Hollywood, The Queen Mary and Circus Disco. Woody was featured in the November 2007 issue of CLUB Systems International Magazine.

Aside from playing at world-class mega clubs, Woody currently holds a Saturday night residency at Orange County's most prominent Latin nightclub, Xalos Bar. Xalos Bar constantly sells out Saturdays as Super Estrella 107.1 takes over the night giving Dj Woody unprecedented exposure.

On New Year's Eve 2008, Woody performed an exclusive DJ set for 4,000 revelers at Super Estrella 107.1's annual La Desvelada concert at the world famous Hollywood Palladium. This was Woody's biggest crowd to date.
DJ Woody's proven track record has opened many doors and now paves the way for the future. In 2011, expect Woody to be hard at work in the recording studio producing original music.

Since 2008, Woody has been delving into a unique blend of music and video production – an art form that he quickly pioneered. Currently, he is building a unique audio and visual experience that will mesmerize crowds, by utilizing the latest technologies from Serato and Pioneer. This is evident as every show of his features exclusive video mixes not available to anyone else.

Keep an ear out for DJ Woody, coming to a dance floor near you!


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